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Dr Shibina Fazil is a distinguished clinical radiologist with vast experience in performing and reporting all modalities of clinical radiology and related investigations. With a deep awareness of the latest imaging techniques, she has consistently demonstrated her dedication to the field.

Completing her MBBS at Academy of Medical Sciences, Pariyaram, Kannur; Dr Shibina pursued higher studies in clinical radiology and earned Diploma in Radiology from the European Board of Radiology. Later, she also achieved the proud Fellowship of the Royal College of Radiologists (FRCR) UK.

She is actively involved in research and has won numerous prestigious awards. She takes immense pride in the role that she played as a teacher which involved guiding radiology technician trainees, radiology postgraduate trainees and undergraduate medical students.

She joins StudyFRCR as mentor and her vast experience and expertise with the latest radiology equipment are expected to be helpful for the students pursuing FRCR.




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