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Dr Harshavardhan Pobbati is an experienced radiologist with exceptional skill and competence. With a special interest in Musculoskeletal, he brings to the fore around seven years of expertise in the sphere of radiology.

Dr Harshavardhan was awarded Fellowship in Royal college of Radiology in 2022. He did his MBBS at Deccan College of Medical Sciences. He completed his residency in Radiology at Bhaskar Medical College where he fine-tuned his skills to achieve the kind of mastery he possesses today.

He has always demonstrated a keen attention to detail and a laudable ability to work in a fast paced environment. He is equally adept at managing and prioritising workload.

He is actively involved in teaching and research and has published many papers in acclaimed journals. Over the years he has also been part of several historic conferences both as a presenter and a delegate. He is also a member of many prestigious associations.

StudyFRCR is looking forward to make the most of his skills and experience.




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