FRCR exam booking update: New membership-based priority system explained

Sat 06, 2024
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FRCR exam booking update: New membership-based priority system explained

 The Fellowship of the Royal College of Radiologists (FRCR) is a highly respected qualification for radiologists aspiring to practise in the UK. The exam is divided into three parts: Part 1, Part 2A, and Part 2B. Successfully obtaining the FRCR credential not only demonstrates professional excellence but also opens up significant career advancement opportunities within the field of radiology.

Previous FRCR booking priority

 Previously, the FRCR booking process used a priority system based on location and affiliation. This system classified candidates into two groups:

Priority 1: This category included all trainees in the UK, Singapore and Hong Kong along with the NHS contributors. An NHS contributor is someone working for the NHS in any way – whether it be hospital staff, nurses, doctors, pharmacists, etc.

Priority 2: This category comprised all overseas candidates who did not fall under the Priority 1 criteria.

The shift towards membership-based booking

Starting from 2023, significant changes have been implemented in the FRCR exam booking system. The new system prioritises membership status with the Royal College of Radiologists over geographical location or affiliation. The new membership-based booking system offers several benefits, including enhanced fairness and improved planning opportunities.

Booking Priority Categories

For exams scheduled from 2024 onwards, booking priority is grouped into three categories:

  1. Members – UK Trainees: This category includes UK trainees who are members of the Royal College of Radiologists.
  2. Members: All other members of the Royal College of Radiologists.
  3. Non-members: Candidates who are not members of the Royal College of Radiologists.

RCR members have early access to exam booking dates, as well as the ability to manage and update their bookings and results through RCR Exam Hub. Besides, membership often comes with cost-saving benefits, such as preferential pricing on RITI modules and other educational resources, making it a valuable investment for aspiring radiologists.

For candidates seeking to pursue the FRCR exams, visiting the official RCR website is highly recommended. Explore the various membership options to not only understand the current booking process but also discover the valuable resources and support offered by the RCR to its members.

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