A Comprehensive Guide to the FRCR Exam: Everything You Need to Know

Tue 06, 2023
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FRCR Exam Everything You Need to Know

The Fellowship of the Royal College of Radiologists (FRCR) is a prestigious qualification awarded by the Royal College of Radiologists in the UK. If you aspire to build a career in Radiology, then the FRCR exam is an excellent option for you. Here we will provide an overview of the examination.

Structure of FRCR Exam

The FRCR exam consists of three parts: FRCR Part 1, FRCR Part 2A, and FRCR Part 2B.

FRCR Part 1

FRCR Part 1 focuses on anatomy and physics. Candidates can take both exams together. The exam primarily tests your foundation in anatomy, physics, and basic clinical radiology. A strong understanding of these areas will greatly enhance your chances of success in this exam. The difficulty level of Part 1 is generally low when compared to other parts.

FRCR Part 2A

FRCR Part 2A consists of two parts, each containing 120 single best answer questions (SBAs). The topics covered in Part 2A include Cardiothoracic and Vascular, Musculoskeletal and Trauma, Gastrointestinal, Genitourinary including Adrenals, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Paediatric, Central Nervous System, and Head & Neck. Thorough preparation in these areas is essential to excel in the Part 2A FRCR exam.

FRCR Part 2B

The final stage of the FRCR exam includes three elements: Two oral exams, a reporting session and a rapid reporting session. The reporting sessions are conducted on the same day, while the oral examination is typically held 3-7 days later.

This final examination assesses your communication and reporting skills through clinical scenarios where you interact with patients, consultants, and other healthcare professionals. Effective communication and clear, concise reporting are vital skills to pass the final stage.

The FRCR exam is a challenging yet highly rewarding journey that tests your knowledge, interpretation skills, and communication abilities in the field of radiology. Achieving the FRCR qualification is a significant accomplishment. It opens doors to exciting career opportunities. It’s time to start your FRCR journey.

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